This feature allows you to create image galleries. You’ve got five options:
  • from Instagram
  • from Flickr
  • with your own photos
First of all, check that you have created and filled all the corresponding API keys :  

Since Instagram has changed their API policies, now you must use your own Instagram keys in order to create an Instagram gallery.
You will find how to create your Instagram API keys here.

The gallery name is only the name displayed on your Siberian App, and is not related to the Instagram gallery .

If you have an error about the name, check your API keys.

And the result is:

To create a Flickr gallery, you have to create Flickr API keys. You will find how to create your Flickr API keys here.

The “Gallery name” field allows you to give a name to your gallery.
With the “Search” field you’ll be able to retrieve all photos from Flickr that are relevant to this search.

Name your gallery, and click on “Send your pictures”.

Then click on “Browse” to upload photos from your computer.

You can upload several photos in the same time, just select from one folder all the photos you want to upload.

It’s not mandatory, but you can enter a title and a description for all your photos.
Click on “Save” to save your gallery.